Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Croydon Radio Journalist Hits Back at Labour’s Smears

RESPECTED Croydon journalist and radio presenter Bieneosa Ebite has defended her decision to confront a candidate standing for the National Front on her In the Loop show and has hit back at a vicious smear campaign orchestrated via the notorious Inside Croydon blog. Ebite, whose parents were originally from Nigeria, put National Front candidate Tony Martin on the spot live on air and had to endure comments about repatriation in a challenging interview.

The bold move won praise from some of Croydon’s politicians including Gavin Barwell MP and others who believe “these views need to be exposed & confronted.”

But that didn’t stop fellow Croydon Radio presenter and Labour candidate Andrew Pelling from resigning in disgust, an announcement delivered live on air by his close friend and mentor, Labour Leader Tony Newman. But the next morning, Ebite found herself plastered across the Inside Croydon blog with the station’s founder interviewed by the blog.

But today Ebite hit back at the smear campaign saying, “I have noted that a small element associated with an aforementioned blog site, has sought to smear the quality of my broadcasts and I believe that their reports in relation to this have been misleading. I feel their attitude towards me and my decision to interview Tony Martin has been patronising.”

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