Friday, 28 February 2014

Croydon Labour Sex Offender Charged Taxpayers Tens of Thousands of Pounds for Election Challenge

Shameless: Croydon Labour bid

Shamed Waddon Labour candidate David Christison used taxpayers’ money to challenge the result of a recent Council election, costing tens of thousands of pounds
Despite losing by over 500 votes, Christison used the fact he was living on benefits to secure legal aid and launched a high profile campaign with Croydon Labour leader Tony Newman to overturn the election result. The controversial legal challenge also cost Croydon Council over £10,000, money which could have been spent on better facilities for residents. 

Christison stood for Labour in Waddon in 2010 alongside Labour colleagues Hamida Ali and Joy Prince. He was a high profile figure in the Council chamber and often joined in debates until his arrest and Police formally charging him. For the 2014 elections, 

Hamida Ali is now standing in another ward, but Prince is standing alongside Andrew Pelling and Robert Canning. It is understood that Christison did not make the shortlist.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Croydon Labour’s Waddon Candidate Pleads Guilty to Filming Men Urinating in Public Toilets

Guilty: Labour's Waddon candidate with Tony Newman,
Leader of the Croydon Labour Party
Labour’s former candidate David Christison has pled guilty to filming men going to the toilet on 30 occasions in Centrale shopping centre, in Croydon town centre, between April 2011 and March 2013.

Police were called to the shopping centre on April 28 last year by security guards who said Christison was in the public toilets covertly taking pictures and videoing other men urinating.

He was pointed out to security staff by a member of the public, who had witnessed a man behaving strangely with his phone.

When police came, his phone was checked and a video of another man urinating was found.

The former Labour candidate will be sentenced on March 20 at Croydon Magistrates’ Court and his bail conditions remain that he is not able to use the public toilets within the Centrale Shopping Centre.

In summer last year, Labour Leader Tony Newman replaced Mr Christison as the Waddon candidate with Andrew Pelling, who was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his pregnant wife, but not charged. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bullying Allegations Threaten to Derail Labour’s Croydon Campaign

Bullying emails - Senior Labour Figure in Croydon
A string of leaked internal emails could derail the Labour’s Party’s bid to retake Croydon in the May Local Elections 2014. The correspondence which has been seen in hardcopy by the Croydon Gazette and other national newspapers reveals a series of threatening emails directed at a Labour activist by a senior figure in the Croydon Labour party.

The emails – which have yet to be put into the public domain – shed new light on the division that has split the Labour group in two, wrecking campaign progress in key wards like Addiscombe and Waddon with activists refusing to campaign for key candidates.

The volcanic rows and split within the Croydon Labour party was underlined by the brutal and some would say suspicious sacking of the party’sdomestic violence guru Karen Jewitt. Ms Jewitt, who was well liked on both sides of the Council chamber was ruthlessly unseated by Hamida Ali, a newcomer and close friend of Croydon Labour Leader Tony Newman

Growing Fears Over Croydon Labour’s Council Tax Rise Rumours

Croydon Labour Council Tax Bombshell - Council Tax was Increased by 27.3% Previously
Hardworking residents were dismayed last night after the Croydon Labour group failed to support the Conservative proposal to freeze Council Tax and provide residents with a £25 cash rebate. Despite Labour opposition to the freeze in costs for families in areas like Waddon, Addiscombe and New Addington, the budget was passed by the Conservatives who were committed to bring down household bills.

There are growing fears amongst residents that the Croydon Labour group is planning one of its famous tax bombshell rises. The Labour group increased Council Tax on hardworking families in Croydon by 27.3% duringtheir last time in office, leaving thousands of residents worse off to the tune of £150 plus.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Croydon Conservatives Vote Through Council Tax Freeze and £25 Rebate

Hardworking people in New Addington, Addiscombe and Waddon and the rest of Croydon will get a free £25 rebate from Croydon Council and see their Council Tax frozen, thanks to a new policy from the Croydon Conservatives.

The move to save money for hardworking families in the borough comes as Croydon Labour faced questions over a potential Council Tax rise of 27% - a policy they implemented last time they were in charge of the town hall. The Labour tax rise policy, which was implemented in single year, left thousands of low paid workers over £150 a month worse off.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Croydon Labour Gets Nasty in New Addington

Local Man: Cllr Tony Pearson in New Addington 
The Croydon Labour Party has ramped up is negative campaign against Conservative incumbent, Councillor Tony Pearson. 

The increasingly personal campaign through social media around Mr Pearson’s job, has triggered speculation that the Labour Group’s botched selection process and lack of policies in New Addington could add two more seats to the Conservatives majority come May.

Tony Pearson has lived in New Addington with his wife and family most of his life and is a well-known figure in the local community. By contrast, the Labour candidates several miles away from New Addington and have never lived there.  

Smears: How one Labour-supporting
blog attacks Pearson
The sense of panic in the Labour group has been underlined by the arrival of several high profile Labour figures in New Addington. Former Minister Alan Johnson, Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves and current Croydon North MP Steve Reed have all been spotted in the area recently.

In 2003, the Croydon Labour Party increased Council Tax on residents by 27.3%, hitting low paid workers in New Addington particularly hard. The rise was so severe that a petition was launched, attracting 16,000 signatures.

Tony Pearson and the Conservatives by contrast have frozen Council Tax and given New Addington residents a £25 rebate. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Croydon Residents Fear Labour 27% Council Tax Bombshell

Hard-pressed residents in the London Borough of Croydon are living in fear of a massive Council Tax rise if the Labour group get in at the Local elections in May. The previous Labour administration increased Council Tax on residents by a whopping 27.3% in a single year, leaving many working households struggling to pay bills and feed their families.

So devastating was the rise on household incomes, that a public petition was launched attracting over 15,000 signatures.

A 27% increase for an average household could cost hundreds of pounds, meaning family summer holidays could be cancelled and leisure time scrapped.

The current Conservative Council has frozen Council tax and even managed to give residents a £25 cash rebate, just in time for the World Cup celebrations. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Waddon Leisure Centre Celebrates Its First Anniversary

The Waddon Leisure Centre, backed, built and delivered by Croydon’s Conservative Council has celebrated its first anniversary. The building, used by local residents from all around the borough of Croydon has proved a real hit with residents and is now the central point for community activities.

The project has come under heavy attack from Labour Party blogs and supporters, who are running an anti-Croydon campaign which has caused huge damage to the town’s reputation. Despite these negative attacks, users of the leisure centre are very supportive. The facilities include a pool, gym, spinning studio and basketball court.