Monday, 17 February 2014

Croydon Labour Gets Nasty in New Addington

Local Man: Cllr Tony Pearson in New Addington 
The Croydon Labour Party has ramped up is negative campaign against Conservative incumbent, Councillor Tony Pearson. 

The increasingly personal campaign through social media around Mr Pearson’s job, has triggered speculation that the Labour Group’s botched selection process and lack of policies in New Addington could add two more seats to the Conservatives majority come May.

Tony Pearson has lived in New Addington with his wife and family most of his life and is a well-known figure in the local community. By contrast, the Labour candidates several miles away from New Addington and have never lived there.  

Smears: How one Labour-supporting
blog attacks Pearson
The sense of panic in the Labour group has been underlined by the arrival of several high profile Labour figures in New Addington. Former Minister Alan Johnson, Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves and current Croydon North MP Steve Reed have all been spotted in the area recently.

In 2003, the Croydon Labour Party increased Council Tax on residents by 27.3%, hitting low paid workers in New Addington particularly hard. The rise was so severe that a petition was launched, attracting 16,000 signatures.

Tony Pearson and the Conservatives by contrast have frozen Council Tax and given New Addington residents a £25 rebate. 

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