Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chris Philp Selected for Croydon South

Croydon South: Chris Philp
Chris Philip has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Croydon South.

The news was met by an attack from the Inside Croydon blog, recently linked to the Labour party....

Croydon's Takeaway Paradise

Croydon is home to some of the United Kingdom’s finest takeaways and cuisine from around the world. From traditional fish and chips to Lebanese and Italian cuisine, our city in waiting attracts visitors from across London and beyond looking to sample our delightful dishes.

Each month The Croydon Gazette, the town’s most updated blog (apart from Inside Croydon, which tweets by the minute about other things...) will be paying undercover visits to restaurants and takeaways across the area and providing detailed reviews of the services in offer. Check back for regular updates and guides to eating out, from posh to cheap as chips, we’ll be everywhere.
The Croydon Gazette is proud to support local businesses and will stand up for people who live here.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Croydon South: The Final Four Revealed

The final four names on the list have been revealed for Croydon South.
  • Charlotte Vere
  • Suella Fernandes
  • Chris Philp
  • Lucy Frazer QC

Friday, 8 November 2013

Croydon Gets Ready for Remembrance Day

Local residents in Croydon are getting ready to commemorate men and women who have served and sacrificed in conflicts.  This Sunday civic dignitaries, ex-servicemen and -women will gather at the town hall for a public service whilst local people are running coffee morning and meetings at several locations across the borough.

A free coffeemorning will be held in Purley by allowing the opportunity to make a donation to the Royal British Legion.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Welcoming a New Candidate in Croydon South

Top Prize: Croydon South
Croydon’s Conservatives are waiting in anticipation for the announcement of the new candidate for Croydon South. The seat is currently held by senior MP Richard Ottaway. The new candidate will be expected to act as a catalyst for the Croydon Council Elections in 2014.

The Croydon South Constituency is the southern most of the three constituencies in the London Borough of Croydon. It includes the wards of Coulsdon East, Coulsdon West, Croham, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead, Selsdon & Ballards and Waddon.

But the new Conservative candidate will need to have a very thick skin. Under the leadership of Tony Newman the local Labour Party is running its campaign almost exclusively on personal attacks and character assassination of Tory candidates, a strategy which has raised serious questions from more senior members of the Labour group. Mr Newman recently declined to condemn vile personal attacks in a recent radio interview, despite being asked to do so by a local resident.

One local Tory volunteer said, “I almost feel sorry for our next candidate, Labour will plaster him or her all over the Inside Croydon blog within minutes. Newman’s far too weak to do anything about it, a stronger leader would have enforced discipline and decency amongst the ranks.”

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Croydon Labour Leader in a Fluster Over Links to Inside Croydon Attack-Blog

Listen: Labour Party Leader questioned over links to Inside Croydon on Croydon Radio
Croydon Labour leader Tony Newman was left lost for words over his party’s relationship with notorious attack blog Inside Croydon during a live interview on Croydon Radio’s In the Loop show. The controversial site has made regular personal attacks on Conservative members, including false allegations about Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell, publishing wedding photographs of and repeatedly attacking Croydon’s youngest female Councillor and raising questions over the passport status of a Tory Indian Councillor.

The Inside Croydon site is run by Steven Downes and Labour candidate Andrew Pelling, who was arrested by Police over allegations of assaulting his pregnant wife in 2007. Despite warnings from his Labour colleagues, Labour leader Tony Newman welcomed his friend Mr Pelling into the Labour Party, hailing him as the candidate who can “Put the Fear of God” into people. The unfortunate choice of wording caused much amusement in Conservative circles and stoked fears in the Labour group that Tony Newman had become ‘star struck’ by privately educated Mr Pelling, well-known for his posh accent, charm and ruthless political skills.

Within days of Tony Newman announcing Andrew Pelling as the face of the Croydon Labour campaign for 2014, his ward colleague and campaigner against domestic violence Karen Jewitt was sacked.

A local Tory told the Croydon Gazette, “Tony Newman will never condemn the personal attacks made by his mates at Inside Croydon.  We have already seen the damage this blog has done to our online community and our town’s reputation, just imagine what they could do if they were unleashed in the town hall.”

Listen to In the Loop, hosted by Bieneosa Ebite on Croydon Radio Podcast