Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lazy Labour Candidates Given CONTRACTS to Force them to Campaign in Croydon

Lazy: Croydon Labour candidates forced to sign paperwork 

RELAXED Labour candidates in the Croydon Labour Party are being issued contracts to ensure they campaign in the local elections, The Croydon Gazette can reveal. 

The official contracts are said to enforce a minimum of two hours of work per week and have been defended by Labour’s Chief Whip Pat Ryan. Ryan told local paper The Croydon Advertiser, “Getting elected and then ignoring their ward for four years is not our way.”

But the revelations will raise further questions about why Labour candidates in the London borough of Croydon need to be forced to work for their constituents. Labour have already selected candidates who live many miles away from New Addington and the contracts could be a way to ensure the candidates take a tram or bus journey to the area they are hoping to represent.

Responding to the revelations, Labour Leader Tony Newman said, “We have large numbers of candidates out on the doorsteps so this is not an issue.”

A Tory source said, “Unlike Labour, Conservative candidates such as local New Addington people like Lara Fish and Tony Pearson do not need a contract to force them to stand up for their area. They thrive on working for their local community and are proud to live in New Addington and serve the people of Croydon.”


  1. “Getting elected and then ignoring their ward for four years is not our way.” Really? Someone ought to tell Gordon Brown then.

  2. Perhaps Gordon could inspire them?

  3. The problem is that nobody can find him. He is too busy earning £millions in overseas speaking engagements to be distracted with matters like this.