Friday, 11 April 2014

Croydon Labour in Turmoil as Senior Councillor Speaks Out Against Leadership

Under pressure: Croydon Labour Leader facing revolt
SENIOR sources inside the Croydon Labour party have publicly criticised the group’s disastrous campaign that is threatening to see the party walk into its third straight election defeat, The Croydon Gazette can reveal.

Senior sources within the group gave exclusive quotes to local newspaper The Croydon Advertiser revealing the extent of split within the group. The source said, “There have been many concerns with how the Labour Group has been managed over a significant period of time. Regrettably many of those strands are coming together at a most unwelcome time. The lack of unity within the party is diverting attend and efforts away from what is the major goal, which is to gain power.”

Labour leader Tony Newman has come under severe criticism for his mis-management of the campaign, which has seen the group AXE its only domestic violence spokesperson, Karen Jewitt, who had campaigned to protect women who have been battered by their partners. Jewitt had also been raising awareness of online abuse and how violent wife beaters have been using Twitter and blogs to attack the friends of their victims to isolate the person they are abusing.

A Tory source said, “The Croydon Labour group has said that it wants to make tackling wife beaters a top priority, but their actions show they are turning a blind eye to these monsters. Wife beaters are bullies and cowards who lie and cheat their way through life - Karen was the voice against them and sacking her sends out the wrong signal.”

Research should that wife beaters are using sites like Twitter to target women

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