Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Growing Fears Over Croydon Labour’s Council Tax Rise Rumours

Croydon Labour Council Tax Bombshell - Council Tax was Increased by 27.3% Previously
Hardworking residents were dismayed last night after the Croydon Labour group failed to support the Conservative proposal to freeze Council Tax and provide residents with a £25 cash rebate. Despite Labour opposition to the freeze in costs for families in areas like Waddon, Addiscombe and New Addington, the budget was passed by the Conservatives who were committed to bring down household bills.

There are growing fears amongst residents that the Croydon Labour group is planning one of its famous tax bombshell rises. The Labour group increased Council Tax on hardworking families in Croydon by 27.3% duringtheir last time in office, leaving thousands of residents worse off to the tune of £150 plus.

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