Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bullying Allegations Threaten to Derail Labour’s Croydon Campaign

Bullying emails - Senior Labour Figure in Croydon
A string of leaked internal emails could derail the Labour’s Party’s bid to retake Croydon in the May Local Elections 2014. The correspondence which has been seen in hardcopy by the Croydon Gazette and other national newspapers reveals a series of threatening emails directed at a Labour activist by a senior figure in the Croydon Labour party.

The emails – which have yet to be put into the public domain – shed new light on the division that has split the Labour group in two, wrecking campaign progress in key wards like Addiscombe and Waddon with activists refusing to campaign for key candidates.

The volcanic rows and split within the Croydon Labour party was underlined by the brutal and some would say suspicious sacking of the party’sdomestic violence guru Karen Jewitt. Ms Jewitt, who was well liked on both sides of the Council chamber was ruthlessly unseated by Hamida Ali, a newcomer and close friend of Croydon Labour Leader Tony Newman

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