Monday, 16 June 2014

Croydon Labour Under Pressure Over Riots and Illegal Rave

Shocking: Croydon under Labour
BUMBLING Croydon Labour chiefs are coming under heavy pressure to explain why they were slow to act after a major illegal rave rocked the town and horrified local residents.

Conservative Councillor Mario Creatura heaped pressure on the local Labour leader by asked, “Can you tell us when you'll get the Post Office site secure and back into use? Do you have an ETA to calm worried residents?”

Another concerned resident tweeted, “Days after Labour take Croydon Council, we have serious situation in town. Clean it up Labour.”

Local copper, Inspector Dave Sutton of Croydon police told reporters, ‘Although the decision was taken to allow the event to continue while preventing further large numbers of people from gaining entry, police in Croydon will not tolerate violent disorder in any form.

Previously Croydon Labour candidates were ordered to sign contracts to prevent them from skipping work.

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