Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Labour Select Arrest-Scandal Ex-Tory for Waddon

Andrew Pelling: Waddon's candidate
With a crunch Council election on the cards in 2014, the local Labour group have decided to play a wild card by selecting controversial candidate Andrew Pelling, a former Tory for the Waddon ward.

Welcoming Andrew Pelling’s selection as the candidate in crucial Waddon ward, Labour Leader Tony Newman admitted Mr Pelling was likely to be motivated by revenge.

“(Getting back at the Tories) was probably his initial motivation when he joined the party, but he really has done the groundwork since then,” he said.

But Conservative Council leader Mike Fisher said, “As it is, I know a number of people in the Labour group are deeply wary of Andrew.”

Pelling hit the headlines after working as a city banker whilst on paid sick leave from the House of Commons.

The Conservatives withdrew the Tory whip from Andrew Pelling over allegations he assaulted his wife Lucy, who was pregnant at the time. He was not charged. His ex-wife made a number of other allegations about Mr Pelling in the local press about his opinion of Croydon voters.

The Labour Party welcomed him into the party in 2011.

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