Monday, 19 May 2014

Conservatives Surge as Labour Become Complacent in Addiscombe

Keeping it local: artha Chatterjee, David Harmes and Lisa Terry
Three local Conservative candidates look set to unseat the complacent Labour incumbents in the crucial ward of Addiscombe. Conservative candidates Partha Chatterjee, David Harmes and Lisa Terry are set to defeat the current Labour representatives who have failed to meet the promised made in the 2010 election.

The aspirational area, which has benefitted from a rise in house prices and the re-development of East Croydon station is one where the shadow of Labour’s 27.3% Council Tax rise from 2003 is likely to resonate with hardworking voters on the doorstep.

With the Labour group’s resources and funding being diverted towards New Addington, which would traditionally be Labour safe turf, the ward is looking increasingly vulnerable to a Conservative surge, led by a pledge to freeze Council Tax and a £25 cash rebate to hard pressed families. 

Back in 2003, a politician who is now one of Labour’s own candidates criticised its “huge increase in Council Tax” which hit hardworking people.

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